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Hi guys!!

Well isnt it funny how after just posting that 'Im back' and all that, i disappear for another 10 days?! Lol! What happened was my stupid net quota ran out (yes, i have a net quota. Thus is the life of a poor student) and i had to wait for it to renew for the next month and stuff. It meant i had no net at all for 8 days, which aaaaaaaaaaaaaaalmost made me go batshit crazy. Almost. *eyetwitch*

Anyway, im back with a bang this time lol, cause i just happened to finish this piece today. :D Its a pair of ickle Green Avadavats on a twig. These are a type of munia (small finch shaped thing) that are in the pet trade and are listed as vulnerable because of it. This is for a competition over on DeviantArt, but im selling it as a print too on the extremely slim offchance that someone loves it THAT much. Re: poor student. :P


Clickie below for info on how i made it and to see it itself. Obviously. Ahem.

A pair of Green Avadavats (Amandava formosa) on a twig.

I chose these particular Avadavats mostly so that i could submit them into the Endangered Species competition over at #Birds-Club. Ive wanted to do a finch/waxbill/munia type painting for a while now though, as i used to keep them when i was younger. This piece was a LOT of fun and a great way to get back into the artsy swing of things. :D

The birds were drawn from scratch in Photoshop CS2. Referenced the plumage patterns from an old bird book of mine. Didnt really reference the poses so much as just the general shape of the birds from the same book. Didnt reference the twig which is why it looks so crap. :P The background bokeh was created using one of my own photographs layered on a very roughed out painting. Usually adding real life photographs to digitally painted drawings scares me lol, as it can look so obvious, but im crossing everything that this time it worked ok. >.<

Click HERE for a Wiki link for info on the green avadavat - a beautiful little bird.

Print comes with a small signature instead of the large watermark.

Click HERE to view what items you can buy this as a print. Theres everything from coffee mugs to canvas prints. :D

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