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Heyhey! This is my art journal, where i post any and all art that i do, including manips, digital art, sketches, and photography : D I have a more personal and general journal, [livejournal.com profile] tamakin, if you're interested in my more doddery ramblings X D.

ALL FANDOM ART IS NOW FLOCKED. I've had to do this for job reasons. If youd like to see my manips, just leave me a comment, or friend me back. But you dont have to friend me to be friended, its all good. :)

Made by [info]secdoover

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Hi folks,

More photography for yous. :) This is simple enough, macro shot of some grass. I liked how it came out despite there being some flaws.

You can buy a print of this capture both as a picture and on various objects HERE.
Copyright © Tamara Roche (Tamakin), please do not use or distribute without my written permission.


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Hiya folks!

As promised hereth i begin posting photography stuff. Its mostly macro cause i lover my 50mm lens lol. Lover it big.

This is nothing hugely unusual. A daisy in the morning light at my local park - Johnstown Castle. :) Enjoy!

Prints are available via the link below. :) This is my first time using DeviantArt's image posting thingy, so let me know if you have any issues with it.


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Hi guys!!

Well isnt it funny how after just posting that 'Im back' and all that, i disappear for another 10 days?! Lol! What happened was my stupid net quota ran out (yes, i have a net quota. Thus is the life of a poor student) and i had to wait for it to renew for the next month and stuff. It meant i had no net at all for 8 days, which aaaaaaaaaaaaaaalmost made me go batshit crazy. Almost. *eyetwitch*

Anyway, im back with a bang this time lol, cause i just happened to finish this piece today. :D Its a pair of ickle Green Avadavats on a twig. These are a type of munia (small finch shaped thing) that are in the pet trade and are listed as vulnerable because of it. This is for a competition over on DeviantArt, but im selling it as a print too on the extremely slim offchance that someone loves it THAT much. Re: poor student. :P


Clickie below for info on how i made it and to see it itself. Obviously. Ahem.

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Click HERE to view what items you can buy this as a print. Theres everything from coffee mugs to canvas prints. :D

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Hi everyone,

So, holy SHIT has it been a while or what/!?! Dude. Suffice to say jobs, college educations and dogs pushed that muse riiiiight back into the boot of this here noggin. This is me trying to let it out again - im not entirely sure its functional after so long, but we shall see. Thanks everyone who has hung around a just about dead journal, im very grateful for it.

Anyway, im using my camera again which is making me very happy. So ill be posting photos here now very soon. Im also doing some digital paintings and even have a possible commission in the pipeline - kind of amazing since ive just 'been back' for like 2 weeks. The internet world is so forgiving when it comes to huge lapses in time. If this was the real world id be long long loooong since forgotten.

So this is just a heads up, of sorts, to say that i will be posting here again but please dont expect most of it to be of the BtVS manip variety. Im not gonna rule out the possibility of regularily making manips again, but they are honestly not at the forefront of my thinking right now. Im currently a college student with a huge loan, a tight budget and a very part time job, so the 'real world' is always in the forefront of my thinking nowadays and i dont have as much time for fandom life. I dont like it but c'est la vie and all that.  :P

I think i have a few spike related manips that i finished aaaages ago but never posted, so ill post those in the next few weeks. Im also going to repost some oldie manips on some comms (provided they allow it) in the hopes it will spur my interests again, but right now im centered in the photography and digital painting genres.

So where does that leave things? Well if you wish to remove this journal from your flist, i totally understand. I know most of you joined here to see spike manips, not flower pictures lol. There will be no hard feelings. If you wish to stay but be put on a filter so that you only see the occasional fandom related artwork that i happen to do, thats also no problem just please let me know.

Apart from that, im very glad to have you and enjoy your stay folks! :P 
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Zomg i remembered how to post art!!! Or, you know, remembered that i *do* art. Ahem.

So sorry folks for the mental long non-intensional hiatus thingy. Those on my tamakin journal will know of teh many reasons keeping me from arty fun. But i fiiiiiiinally scraped some time and the shreds of my muse together to actually make something post-worthy..... or you know, HOPEFULLY post-worthy.

Anyhoo, enough babble. Behold some Spike and Michael Jackson icons. Im in a huuuge MJ fangirl phase right now, and decided to go with it and produce something. Im very aware some of these icons are... kinda shite, so be gentle purlease! :D

Pleeeease comment, it'll make me all happy n stuff! Id especially love to know if anyone takes any MJ ones, since i know most of you on my flist are Spike-centric. Credit if taking is awesome, too. :)


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Hey guys! Commissions!! Im posting up prices for anyone who would like to lookie. Heee!! 

I can take commissions in the following areas:

Wildlife portraits & action shots
Pet portraits
Mythical & Fantasy animals
Character sketches

** In particular, equines, canines and felines. 

Art methods: I have three main types:




Line ArtPlain b/w line drawing; with/without plain block colour; simple shading.

None as yet  O.o
Semi-RealisticLine drawing, detailed shading & colouring; plain/low detailed background
~ Mythical Critter ~ :: ~ Horse ~

Note: Pricing same as that of 'line art'.
RealisticFull detailed pic, with complete, realistic background.

~ Pet Rattie ~ :: ~ Cat ~ :: ~ Owl ~


Just comment to this post [its screened] or email me if ye are interested :D

Pricing! Click on the link below.

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