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Hiya folks!

As promised hereth i begin posting photography stuff. Its mostly macro cause i lover my 50mm lens lol. Lover it big.

This is nothing hugely unusual. A daisy in the morning light at my local park - Johnstown Castle. :) Enjoy!

Prints are available via the link below. :) This is my first time using DeviantArt's image posting thingy, so let me know if you have any issues with it.


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Hi guys!!

Well isnt it funny how after just posting that 'Im back' and all that, i disappear for another 10 days?! Lol! What happened was my stupid net quota ran out (yes, i have a net quota. Thus is the life of a poor student) and i had to wait for it to renew for the next month and stuff. It meant i had no net at all for 8 days, which aaaaaaaaaaaaaaalmost made me go batshit crazy. Almost. *eyetwitch*

Anyway, im back with a bang this time lol, cause i just happened to finish this piece today. :D Its a pair of ickle Green Avadavats on a twig. These are a type of munia (small finch shaped thing) that are in the pet trade and are listed as vulnerable because of it. This is for a competition over on DeviantArt, but im selling it as a print too on the extremely slim offchance that someone loves it THAT much. Re: poor student. :P


Clickie below for info on how i made it and to see it itself. Obviously. Ahem.

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Click HERE to view what items you can buy this as a print. Theres everything from coffee mugs to canvas prints. :D

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Zomg i remembered how to post art!!! Or, you know, remembered that i *do* art. Ahem.

So sorry folks for the mental long non-intensional hiatus thingy. Those on my tamakin journal will know of teh many reasons keeping me from arty fun. But i fiiiiiiinally scraped some time and the shreds of my muse together to actually make something post-worthy..... or you know, HOPEFULLY post-worthy.

Anyhoo, enough babble. Behold some Spike and Michael Jackson icons. Im in a huuuge MJ fangirl phase right now, and decided to go with it and produce something. Im very aware some of these icons are... kinda shite, so be gentle purlease! :D

Pleeeease comment, it'll make me all happy n stuff! Id especially love to know if anyone takes any MJ ones, since i know most of you on my flist are Spike-centric. Credit if taking is awesome, too. :)




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