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Birthdate:Aug 31

M E ,   M Y S E L F   A N D   I

All my artwork will be posted here, including photography, graphical design, and mechanical drawing and painting. My main areas of interest include nature, mythical creatures, and fandom art. :D


Well my name is Tamara, or Tam, and im 23. Im currently a graduate at UC Cork, Ireland with a BSc degree in zoology, hoping against hope to go on to do a veterinary degree in either Dublin or good ole Scotland. :) And uh... even though that'd be another 4-5 years of college, im really hoping for it, which makes me pretty crazy i guess :P But hey, college rocks!

My main love is animals (if you couldnt tell already lol) and most of my life centers around them in some shape or form. Get me talking about anything animaly and im likely to never shut up!

My other huge love is art, and i dabble in this in various forms including painting (both digital and traditional), photography, manipping, and sketching.

I do have a few other hobbies, such as photography, quadding, tabla drumming, archery, hangin with friendies and o course watchin TV. :)


~ Tools of the trade ~
Photoshop CS2/3
Wacom graphics tablet
Mechanical pencils [can't beat em!]
Canon EOS 400D digital Camera

~ Purchases ~

My photographs are available to buy HERE in a wide range of print sizes and also products such as mugs, mousepads, jigsaws and postcards. 

I also do commissions, generally digital art and animal related. Click HERE for details. :)

Fandom art wise, time permitting i will gladly do requests and trades. Just comment or email me to ask :)

F R I E N D S   &   F R I E N D I N G

~ Where I Lurk ~
I mostly participate in the Buffyverse fandom, but also dabble in the Scrubs, House & Moonlight ones, as well as any discussing the general hawtness/cuteness of James Marsters or Zach Braff. :P

~ Friending Policy ~
I now flock all my artwork due to privacy and plagiarism reasons. I generally friend back anyone who friends this journal, the exception being blank journals and someone who doesnt seem to share any interests. Please note though, that i do NOT often check the flist on this journal, so if you'd like me to see your own journal entries, let me know in a comment and i'll friend you on my tamakin
journal. I will not usually friend folks on the tamakin journal if they dont comment. Hope that makes sense! :P

Also, as i dabble in several different areas including non-fandom digital artwork and photography, if youd like to be placed in a filter for specific areas [eg buffy only, no photography], just let me know :)

Comments and feedback are very much appreciated and keep the muse all happy :D
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~ ~ ~ ~ ~ ~ ~ ~ ~ ~
~ My Art ~

Please check out my two galleries, one for digital paintings, the other dedicated to photography. :) There you can find a wide range of products available with the print of your choice. Just email me if you have any questions.


~ ~ ~ ~ ~ ~ ~ ~ ~ ~ ~
~ Sites I co-mod ~ 


~ ~ ~ ~ ~ ~ ~ ~ ~ ~ ~

 ~ Credits [in no particular order] ~

Textures, Brushes & Fonts:

[info]darkly_alluring   [info]hires_hunks  [info]manip_res  [info]textures_r_us  [info]tearjerkericons
[info]expose42    spookyzangel    [info]clouded_sun   [info]white_lilie[info]spooky_window  

Bases & Stock:
A15-S Stock[info]amber_daily  LucieG Stock  Resurgere  Foxxie-Chan

Note: All screencaps used are made by me. :)


LJ layout by [info]passing_girl

JD mood theme by [info]lastgleamings

Credits for icons in sidebar:

[info]tamakin_arts  , [info]icondo  , [info]phaust_icons  , [info]lastgleamings  , [info]go_avi  , [info]frontyardninja  , [info]crystalkirk  , [info]lonelyistheroom  , [info]bank_farter  , [info]houseforlife  , [info]iconofilth  , [info]kipli  , [info]sweetgirl7808  , [info]kazzy_cee  ,


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