Jul. 17th, 2011

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Hi everyone,

So, holy SHIT has it been a while or what/!?! Dude. Suffice to say jobs, college educations and dogs pushed that muse riiiiight back into the boot of this here noggin. This is me trying to let it out again - im not entirely sure its functional after so long, but we shall see. Thanks everyone who has hung around a just about dead journal, im very grateful for it.

Anyway, im using my camera again which is making me very happy. So ill be posting photos here now very soon. Im also doing some digital paintings and even have a possible commission in the pipeline - kind of amazing since ive just 'been back' for like 2 weeks. The internet world is so forgiving when it comes to huge lapses in time. If this was the real world id be long long loooong since forgotten.

So this is just a heads up, of sorts, to say that i will be posting here again but please dont expect most of it to be of the BtVS manip variety. Im not gonna rule out the possibility of regularily making manips again, but they are honestly not at the forefront of my thinking right now. Im currently a college student with a huge loan, a tight budget and a very part time job, so the 'real world' is always in the forefront of my thinking nowadays and i dont have as much time for fandom life. I dont like it but c'est la vie and all that.  :P

I think i have a few spike related manips that i finished aaaages ago but never posted, so ill post those in the next few weeks. Im also going to repost some oldie manips on some comms (provided they allow it) in the hopes it will spur my interests again, but right now im centered in the photography and digital painting genres.

So where does that leave things? Well if you wish to remove this journal from your flist, i totally understand. I know most of you joined here to see spike manips, not flower pictures lol. There will be no hard feelings. If you wish to stay but be put on a filter so that you only see the occasional fandom related artwork that i happen to do, thats also no problem just please let me know.

Apart from that, im very glad to have you and enjoy your stay folks! :P 


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